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I usually do this at the end of the week before, but the schedule was killing me, so here you go. Lots of the usual suspects plus the Ragged Racing Corvettes are hauling up from Tennessee and the return of BERT ONE! The #600 Saturn SW2 is the same year as my old Saturn Wagon (RIP). Also a Scion xBox and a Hyundai Tiburon, which are both hella sweet. Go here for a better-resolution version, as well.

Tech Times are here. We made this an automated output and it still has a bug or two, like an inexplicable line break halfway through the document.

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Re: NHMS Entries and Tech Times

Saturn Wagon battle! I would say three Saturn battle but our sedan is only an SL1.

1992 Saturn SL2 (retired) - Elmo's Revenge -  Class B winner, Heroic Fix winner x2
1969 Rover P6B 3500S(sold) - Super G-Rover - I.O.E Winner, Class C Winner
1996 Saturn SW2 - Elmo's Revenge (reborn!), Saturn SL1  Dazzleshipm Class C winner
1974 AMC Javelin - Oscar's Trash heap - IOE,”Organizer's Choice" and "I got Screwed" award winner