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Topic: Are you a BMW Fanatic? Does you team need a mobile sleeping?

Then if so you need a Vixen...Not mine
https://nh.craigslist.org/rvs/d/lyme-ce … 85177.html


The iconic Vixen RV was designed by Bill Collins (of De Lorean fame) and built in 1987. This Vixen, #142, is a TD-21, one of only ~300 turbo diesels built. For additional information, visit the Vixen Owners Association website

Often noted as the "Driver's RV", it has a very low center of gravity and wide stance for an RV, making it a fun vehicle to drive as it handles so beautifully! It has a top speed of 100 MPH (one set a RV land speed record of 115+ mph at Bonneville!!), and claimed an average of 30 MPG using a BMW M21 turbo-diesel engine, coupled to a 5-speed transverse transmission. Wind-tunnel testing was used to create a smooth fiberglass exterior top and bottom, resulting in a drag coefficient of less than 0.30 for TD models. Features included a water heater, two house batteries and a starter battery, and an electric inverter allowing campers to run the microwave, air-conditioning, and anything else which could be plugged into 110-volt outlets, off of the batteries, charged by the 120-amp alternator, or plugged in at a typical campsite outlet. Water came from the 25gal fresh water tank, or a hose connection at a campsite, and is heated by a heat exchanger for showers. There was also an auxiliary diesel heater (needs fixin') that could heat the engine coolant for winter camping or warm the shower water.

When arriving at the camp site, the fiberglass roof hinges up on one side and fold-out windows and screens fill the gap, allowing a 6'2" individual to fully stand and walk around. A stand-up hand held shower in the bathroom. The front seats flip backwards to join the dinette to seat four at meal time. Both seats fold flat to provide the front bed, while in the back above the engine is a full-time, full-sized bed that uses a standard mattress, very comfortable really. The kitchen includes a microwave, an electric refrigerator, a sink above the hot water heat exchanger, and a propane camping stove.

There is a lot of clever storage everywhere : a full hanging storage compartment, a removable 4-drawer storage, up-front storage for tools, under floor, under sink, above sink, ski storage, everything is designed to fit in this incredible "land yacht". New kitchen, new appliances, tires, new toilet, new cherry cabinets with pine counters and cork floors. We have rebuilt the kitchen, the water exchanger, the pump and toilet, and etc. many, many new items were installed over the 11 years of our ownership. Lots of recent work, including a new clutch and short-throw shifter, although some still to do (Vixen Fixin' !).

TD-21 - or Moby, as we call her!- is a 2-owner vehicle. The original owner was Stan Greuninger, a car dealer who also sold over 150 Vixens back in 1986-87. Stan incorporated many improvements and unique details on #142, and likely you will add your own. Now Moby is ready to be further sustained by you, and to take you on new adventures. Write or call with your questions, or for more photos.

Re: Are you a BMW Fanatic? Does you team need a mobile sleeping?

I am a BMW fanatic, and my team could use an RV, but not at this price. These are neat, but not at this price. It is about the nicest Vixen I’ve run across, though. The added BMW grille is a nice touch…

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