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Topic: 1988 Fiero / ecotec w/cage (project)

Considering selling my '88 Fiero Champcar / Lemons / AER / WRL / Lucky Dog / Track Day project.  All my time is being spent on my GT1 Fiero project and if someone wants to finish this one, I will part with it.

Caged '88 tub w/logbooks for SCCA & NASA - was GT, converted to notchback bodywork (lighter) - hood/trunk/doors all lightened
Ecotec 2.4L LE5 mounted (needs wired - have two harnesses)  Motor has NEW Cloyes timing chain/gears/water pump, fresh rod/main bearings, ARP head studs and balance shafts deleted
F23 transmission w/NEW OBX differential, NEW Fidanza aluminum flywheel and new "stock" clutch
Aluminum Radiator
Koni shocks F & Koni Coilover rears
2 sets of 15x7 Racing Dynamics wheels
2 sets of 15x7 Kosei wheels
Two of the wheel sets have old hard Hoosier 225/45-15's mounted and I have 2 NEW sets of Hankook RS-4's unmounted and stored in my "tire cellar" (crawl space)

In addition, there are baskets of spare parts including brake calipers, springs, kits to mount C4 (?) rotors - plus a used set if drilled/slotted rotors for same.  New Poly suspension bushing kit, full set of GM factory tools for the F23 transaxle, '88 FIero factory manual(s), parts books.  Two front subframes, '88 rear subframe (junk) but w/spare control arms and a 2.5L motor and manual transaxle.  Some additional spare bodywork and lots of "stuff"

Car needs wired and plumbed. No seat, no gauges, no fire system.  Belts and window net are out of date.  - though I think there are a few random ones in the "stuff" (have stock dash if you want to use it).  Lot's of Misc. stock/street car "extras" one could sell off.

$5000 firm (bring a truck & trailer).
No, I will not seperate, No, I will not ship, No, I do not want any trades (unless you happen to have a GM motorsport block/heads/parts for a 90 degree V6)

Car/Parts/Stuff in Columbus, OH

Link to Pics/MP ad:
https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/it … 5229353400

Re: 1988 Fiero / ecotec w/cage (project)

FWIW, there is no location in your ad.  You have to go to FB to find out you are in Columbus, OH and not everyone has FB.

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Re: 1988 Fiero / ecotec w/cage (project)

cheseroo wrote:

FWIW, there is no location in your ad.  You have to go to FB to find out you are in Columbus, OH and not everyone has FB.

Thanks!  Fixed profile & post.