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Topic: 1980 Plymouth Horizon - San Antonio - $3400 - SOLD ish...

1980 Plymouth Horizon ready for Lemons racing glory!

Car is nearly race ready.  Needs fire system installed (included), new safety harness (included), and tires (not included).  The car originally had a 1.7L VW inline 4 cylinder.  Was replaced with a rebuilt 1.8L out of a 1983 VW GTI Mk1.  Heads were port matched and polished.  Custom baffling in the oil pan and custom windage tray.  Custom headers (albeit more in the Lemons, low budget style).  Has MSD 6AL ignition with a rev limiter.  New instruments.  90% of the wiring is all new.  Extra set of steel wheels that will fit tires from a stock Miata so you'll have lots of tire options available.  New (albeit stock) brakes.  Fuel system is all clean and now running an electric fuel pump.  Car was lowered by cutting the factory springs.  Lots of spare parts.  Again, practically ready to go racing next month.  Selling because I just have too many projects and would rather focus on those than this.

Also listed on facebook marketplace (as a 1980 Plymouth Acclaim because there was no option for a Horizon) and RacingJunk.com

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I decided to finish this and go racing.  See everyone at MSR Houston and the car will still be for sale.

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Hell yeah

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