Re: S10 Drivetrain Upgrade - suggestions appreciated

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12 races on a th350 behind a 4.3 v6.  We shift from 2-3-2 as needed in turns.  Keeps the driving simple.  As commented, 100k mile 4.3l will come apart quickly as experienced in our first race.  Fresh engine has lasted 11 races.  TH350 was rebuilt once due to damage caused by a locked up diff at speed.

Also, with a 4.3 v6, you get all the weight of a v8 and 1/3 of the power!

Novice Q here...but a TH350 will bolt up to a 4.3 from a 94-03 S10?  I assume you're using that bc it's better than the 4L60Es that came with originally? Edit: did some internet searching on Ask Jeeves and Netscape, didn't realize these bolted up ok.  I thought they were for old muscle cars, been watching too much Roadkill I suppose.

Yes, they bolt up fine.  Any TH350, 400, 700r4, 4l.., will all bolt up.  Watch out for BOP transmissions.  Buick, Olds, Pontiac.  They have a different bell housing.  We had a 700R4, but sold it for some reason.  Wish we would have rebuilt and used it. The overdrive would have allowed a different gear ration in diff.  Overall, it has worked well for us.

We ran a modified 700r4 w/ 3.72 rear for about 3-4 weekens, we never used OD it would drop the rpm's way to low. We had a MVB and shifted manually. If you leave it in drive it seems to want to be in the wrong gear. Lasted fine but we went to a T5 w/ 3.42 gears and the car drives much better....still don't use 5th to much. Car is a Gen III WS6 Firebird, mild 305.

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