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Topic: Road Atlanta Parking and Electrical Hookup Questions

Rookie team here.  Running Road Atlanta in December and have a few questions (I called Road Atlanta and they weren't very helpful, which is crazy).

1. Are we put in the Main Paddock (1 in image) or the Support Paddock (2)?
2. If we are put in the Main Paddock, is the auxiliary parking for additional trucks/campers in the Support Paddock (2), the inner parking area (3), or both?
3. Road Atlanta informed me that there are electrical hookups in the parking lot at Turn 6 but she wasn't sure about anywhere else.  Depending on the answer to question 2 above, does anyone know where the electrical hookups are in wherever the auxiliary parking is for our race?
4. I thought I read somewhere that an extra fee is needed to bring a golf cart, scooter, etc. into our paddock area, but I can't find that anywhere.  Any ideas if that is an extra fee for this race?


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Re: Road Atlanta Parking and Electrical Hookup Questions

Typically, #2

You are only allowed on the hot pits while fueling.

You might as well consider power outlets as being non-existent.  Bring a generator.

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Re: Road Atlanta Parking and Electrical Hookup Questions

Yep, we are bringing a generator.