Topic: Looking for 2 seats at Barber

Looking to arrive and drive, wrench if and when needed, spot, pit etc..

I am an experienced racer on circle tracks, ran Lemons at Barber 2 years ago, no incidents, no warnings, no flags.  I build race cars and have a nice Integra for Lemons but due to time (work) I cannot get our car done in time for this upcoming race, I will be travelling 4 of the next 6 weeks, I do not want to show up at the track with a car that is not 100% ready.  I am a very experienced mechanic, I can work on anything from a 4 cylinder to a v8.

2nd Driver has minimal road racing experience, does have some seat time and a lot of simulator experience.  Can also help work on the car, though he doesn't know much about them.

We both understand endurance racing and do not abuse cars, just want to go have a good time putting in some laps.

If anyone has a good reliable car that needs a couple solid drivers, let me know.

Not to sound like a jerk, but I am not interested in racing a car that has no reliability and will spend more time in the pits than on the track.

Re: Looking for 2 seats at Barber

Hey buddy,

Brian Czech here, we will have two of our cars there for Barber. Give me a text/call and let's chat!


Brian C.
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