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Topic: 89 Civic bare shell with excellent cage and title, Philly area, $Free

I mentioned this previously in another thread and had some interest but I wasn't nearly ready then, but now I am. 

Most of you racing in the northeast have been passed by this car, and now it is time to pass it along or it is going to scrap soon. It has been hit many times and after hitting a wheel at NH in 2020 we decided to start fresh and not keep repairing this one.  It has been raced for about 7 years and we figure it has about 30,000 track miles on it with 5 different motors and 4 transmissions and it has been quite successful. 

This is a bare shell with an excellent cage and plenty of EF Civic spare parts.  The cage is the important part, you can cut the roof off of this and put it in your own car in one piece saving massive amounts of time and money.   1.75" x 0.095" DOM tubing properly bent and notched and welded.  Base plates are 1/8" and more than 24" square.  The door bars are awesome.  This cage has always breezed through tech.   Look at the pictures, this is most of what you get if it is in the car.  Spares include two sets of DA Integra knuckles (one loaded with new bearings/ball joints/ARP studs), new upper control arms, F LCAs with poly bushings, two fuse boxes, and likely more that I have forgotten.  I can also include a D-series cable Si spec transmission of unknown provenance.  Ignore the box and other things on the roof, I'm keeping those. 

Additional spares not shown are a pair of fenders, a clean uncut hood, front and rear bumper covers, a front bumper rebar, both sides door and hatch area glass. 

To clarify a bit, the entire front suspension and steering are there except for springs/shocks, just all disassembled at the moment.

You will not be able to make this into a functional car again unless you have another entire car so that you can mix and match the best parts.  It will even be difficult to put another D or B series engine as I have removed the passenger side motor mount as needed for our engine swap and the wiring has been modified to suit our needs.  I didn't hack anything up to strip the shell. 

The price is free, I just need it to go away soon as I need space for the winter for the new car.  I do have a clean PA title in my name that matches the VIN on the car.  The car is not, and has not been on fire.  If I don't get any solid interest soon then it will sadly go to the scrapper, but I hope it can save someone some time and money and keep these parts alive. 

abbottcd at the gmails is the best way to reach me.

Picture gallery, taken tonight: 






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Re: 89 Civic bare shell with excellent cage and title, Philly area, $Free

Goddamn it why do you have to be so far away! That cage is beautiful.  You emailed me when I picked up the 89 civic si I got free and were totally right, it's a shitbox with an ugly cage but it is complete. It has the D16A6 so it'll be a solid C-class car if I get it running- I'm putting the head back on with a new head gasket soon- Fingers crossed. My intention is to try to bring it to races so teams who's cars failed and didn't get any track time can take some laps for a donation to cover costs. I only have a tow dolly to transport and am way up in NH so I really can't get your car this winter. If you can set spares aside I'll happily take them at some point. Otherwise I'll probably hit you up sometime for advice because you obviously know this chassis and set it up well.

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Re: 89 Civic bare shell with excellent cage and title, Philly area, $Free

Emails sent

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Re: 89 Civic bare shell with excellent cage and title, Philly area, $Free

Tim, yup, this would be perfect for you. 

Lemons newton metre, thanks for the email and offer to facilitate all this!

I could get the front suspension back together enough for the front wheels to roll

Chris from 3 Pedal Mafia