Topic: Cage builders in Los Angeles?

We just picked up a Very Cool '96 Passat that has never seen a race...I'm looking for someone who can build a good cage for the thing.

Does anyone have any favorite fabricators? I'm hoping to find someone that's better than Some Dude in a Garage learning to weld and someone cheaper than the top-tier Porsche shops, etc...

Any leads would be appreciated! Cheers.

Re: Cage builders in Los Angeles?

I'm in OC so not sure about anyone in LA.  I recently used Chris Buckman in NorCal … 2344530454  He's a Lemons competitor.  I've also used Muffler Mike at  Or you can go straight to the guy who is head of tech for Lemons  All of them do custom cages for a reasonable price.

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Re: Cage builders in Los Angeles?

Kevin at Pit Garage is doing my buddies cage right now. He seems happy with the service and he got a pretty reasonable quote. If I didn't enjoy welding I'd probably be willing to give his shop a try. Unfortunately the range is from $600-$5000 and you usually get what you pay for. Without saying the exact number he's paying, Pit Garage quoted him somewhere in the middle for his miata cage.

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