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Topic: Free car! Just buy all the safety equipment! $3500

1994 Ford Probe. 2.5L V6, 5 spd manual. This car is ready to race, it has passed tech already. I’ve replaced the motor with a junkyard one, had the heads milled, valves ground, every gasket replaced, new water pump and timing belt. We ran it in the Champcar race in Palm Beach, ran like a champ. I have a ton of brand new parts that come with it including a new radiator, RF strut, both CV axles and an alternator. It has a stage 4 race clutch and Motul 660 in the brake system. There’s almost a whole extra motor that’s in pieces, intake, heads, broken camshaft, block, etc. I’ll throw in the chiltons manual and go over everything I know about it. It’s a little rough on the outside, it’s been hit more times than Tina Turner, but it runs great, shifts great and goes straight down the track. Located in south Florida. This car will finish a race as long as you don’t crash it. You’ll need tires and an extra set of brake pads. Buy the safety equipment, the car comes free with it.

Email me and I’ll send you some pics. Or go to https://www.facebook.com/theracefuldead/

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this car for sale still?

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…”hit more times than Tina Turner.”  For the win.

1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 90 whopping HP.