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Topic: CRAPA, PA Team looking for FullTime Team Mates

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.

Hopes and Dreams Racing is actively recruiting FULL TIME Team members for the 2022 Northeast Lemons season and beyond.


Are you looking for cheap, down and dirty wheel to wheel racing? Well I don't think that exists, but we are damn close.
How competitive are we? Look buddy we finish 90% of our races 60% of the time.
We want to do better.. but we need YOU to do that.
What experience do you need, you might be asking? You need to be available for build days, transport and race days, you know all your free time. That's all we ask,your unquestioning support. Seriously, a good attitude ability to work well with others, follow instruction and lack of an ego are perfect team members.. If you can drive stick even better.

What will it cost you? Other than your dignity, a monthly fee for 10 months which covers the NE 24hours of Lemons Race season. No "Buy In" just a commitment to the entire year of racing.

What do you get for your trouble? A world of disappointment and sorrow filled with false hope. But other than that, a seat at all 4 races, test and tune time at every race  and a garage to work in when available
Your chariot of fire (never been on fire, yet) is a 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5L AWD. It make a ferocious 136hp 4 years ago.
We are located in NE-PA, (Blakeslee, PA)
Families, wives, animals and feral children welcome.
For more information please contact me at: hopesanddreamsracinginc@gmail.com
Follow us on FB: @HopesandDreamsRacing2016
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzlOYL … j11Vjk1QiA

If you are seriously looking for a fairly reliable team, look no further. We've been commited to this torture for 6 years now.

We have 3 positions available.