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Topic: Driver looking for team at Barber

As the title says. This will be my third Lemons race. My first was in a 2.2L S-10 (the Fisher Price phone) and lasted about 35 minutes; my second was in a Ranger with about twice as much power that would have been a top 10 B class contender had it run properly all weekend; I got about 90 minutes in that. In addition to my Lemons experience I have a few years autocrossing a NA Miata and lots of iRacing/AC experience. I am a very cautious driver in traffic and won't be the fastest to get through a pack of cars but I have yet to be black flagged and I don't intend this race to be my first.

I'll be flying in from Madison, WI (hoping I don't bring the cold and snow with me) so I won't be able to bring much in the way of tools, but I will happily help in any way I can.

A few videos of my driving:

https://youtu.be/Fzk24wT_ePY I was a bit harder on the drivetrain than I wanted to be here. I'll try to be more gentle on your car!


Re: Driver looking for team at Barber

Can't help you with a ride but have lots of space in my now insulated and heated (enough) enclosed trailer.  We even have I think 4 donated summer sleeping bags and two pillows in our "emergency bedding" bin for southerners that fly in to race Gingerman in fall (also how they all got donated).

Barber is amazing by every measure.  We are full up but please come by for free homebrew and (most of the time) extra food at the team with the '47 Plymouth.

Re: Driver looking for team at Barber

Thanks! I'd bring some homebrew myself if I'd thought to start one a few weeks ago. I'll definitely swing by and say hello.

I've driven Barber a lot on iRacing and thought it was a really fun track from that. Now that I've been to a few actual Lemons races I figured I should try it in the real world, and as I mentioned, it's a great excuse to get out of the shit weather here. 15 minutes into working on my MX-3 just now my hands were already numb.