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Topic: Never mind...solved ... Will this transponder work?


Assuming I can get it powered up, will this transponder work for the race track systems?  It's a an AMB TnetX and is a (much) older model (sorta like a lot of our crappy cars).  Looking for the collective experience of the team.

Of course, wisdom would say just rent one...since there's enough to worry about ....I'm not looking for wisdom so much...


Re: Never mind...solved ... Will this transponder work?

After a little more digging....turns out this is "just" the communicator and is not a transponder at all.  Its purpose was to communicate with the track system and provide in-car position information based on the car's transponder.  Much better way to do that today.

I would delete the topic if I could.

Re: Never mind...solved ... Will this transponder work?

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