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Topic: Looking for a team

My name is Will Truttman and I’m a senior is high school. I live in Holland Michigan and I’m looking for a team to work on or just to help out to get a start in Motorsports. I want to work in Motorsports in the future but I need some experience first. I’m learning at a tech center for half my school day and recently got ASE student certified in steering and suspension. I do also have a Volvo 850 project car where I am in the process of a engine and transmission swap. I’m looking for a team somewhat close to me but I’m willing to drive to wherever. I’m just looking for experience and a first look into racing.

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The good news is you are only about 30 minutes from a track that does tw Lemons evens a year!  All the Michigan teams I know are in the Greater Detroit area or further North and East except maybe this madman with an LS-power BMW 5-series and another idiot with Mirada.  Will see if they can chime in here.

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There are a couple of teams each in South Haven and near Holland, plus a family team near Hudsonville. Never sure how much they're really looking for people to turn wrenches, but the Flying Pigs up near Holland will probably gladly show you around their big pile sometime.

If you search the forums, you can probably find them and message them; I don't think they're on here very often.

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Repost this in the match making forum page:

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