Topic: Anyone have experience with a Hybrid S?

I've been borrowing a Necksgen for my last few races, but the time has come to get my own restraint. I like the ability of the Hybrid S to function without a full harness (I occasionally autocross a car with factory seats/belts and would like the opportunity to do track days with neck protection) but I can't tell from looking at it whether it would have the same problem as the HANS I tried: sitting in a car with 3" belts, it was immediately clear the HANS was not designed for them. The narrow design pushed the belts into my neck and was very uncomfortable without a suit, and I suspect with a suit I'd have had holes in the collar from abrasion after not many races. Since HANS is also owned by Simpson, I'm afraid I'd have the same problem. Can anyone here tell me from experience whether I may run into that problem?

Re: Anyone have experience with a Hybrid S?

I've used a couple models of Necksgen, a couple models of Zamp, HANS, and a simpson hybrid(?) -- the one that stays on your body like a backpack but still needs a harness. I preferred necksgen and simpson's offerings A LOT over everything else. Unfortunately I can't comment on your specific model, but I hope it helps a bit. I feel like the Hybrid S is going to be a bit of a compromise with harnesses in comfort, so I have no intentions of ever using or buying one. Keep in mind that having a HNR becomes way less important when run with a factory 3 point + airbag. To be honest, when you think about how much R&D and testing factories go through for safety equipment, I feel safer in a factory car with working factory safety equipment than a seat+harnesses+HNR assembled in my garage with a beer in hand. Also, you'd have to work pretty hard to flip or impact at speed at an AutoX.

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Re: Anyone have experience with a Hybrid S?

I believe Simpson designed the Hybrid and then they bought the company that designed HANS.   I don't think there is much similarity in design.

I have used a HANS sport with 2 and 3 inch belts and never had a problem.  I always get 2 inch dog bones sewn into my belts now.

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