Topic: May need a welder at Barber

Our chassis guy is booked and may be able to bend and only tack a cage before Barber. His work has passed on the first two cars so no worries there. BUT if he does not have time to weld it out (I dont weld), just wondering if we can find a reputable guy to help us out at the track Friday AM at Barber. Plan B so to speak. Thanks Stephen

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Re: May need a welder at Barber

I am packing the machine itself tomorrow but I was not planning on bringing a bottle...and not sure I have time to get one filled (we normally just do repairs, minor fixes for other teams with flux core but have done some significant cage welding with it).  One minor problem, my most competent individual is not coming to this race and my second most competent is driving through the night with me in the tow rig arriving about gate openning Friday morning...and we are doing test and tune.

So will have a good machine...might have some help welding...not sure if I will have a bottle of C25.  So find another person to do the bulk of the welding and bring a 10-20# bottle of C25 and we can make sure it happens.

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Re: May need a welder at Barber

And just asked the adjunct member of the team that is driving with us and he is bringing his helmet and gloves...he has welded in or help weld in 4 Lemons cages that I know of.  Still need a bottle.

Re: May need a welder at Barber

Thanks guys, you are our extreme backup plan and will grab a bottle just in case. Car is ready to go to Madman Chassis in Port Allen as soon as floor plates are ready. To compound the issue the back foot wells were not solid enough to take a spreader plate. Mr. John P. wants those changed and we agree. Will keep you updated. Thanks KATO