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Topic: Cape Cod- Southeast Ma

Have car- need teammates.....

In  a moment of weakness (or brilliant insight)  I bought the world famous Sunbeam Rapier IOE winner.

Need a few working teammates to get it ready for hopefully 2 outta 3 of NJ, Ct, and NH races.

I have shop, truck, new trailer, and a proven car. Need help prepping and upgrading, and driving... and a commitment to a few Saturdays.

Cape Cod or SE Ma area best... I am  right over the bridge.

Mike B

Re: Cape Cod- Southeast Ma

Welcome aboard!
I am just up the road from you in Plymouth, and been wasting a lot of money on this for a few years.
Best weekends of my whole year! and hoping to do all 4 races this year, including Pittsburgh
I have the 1987 Honda Prelude, previous one was #28, new and improved one is #11
I have a loosely defined "team" of A&D drivers for my car, and a collaboration with a "Car-tel" of other teams (Great Globs of Oil, Cosmoknots?Cosmonaughts?Cosmo-nots? eh...., etc.), as well as a fantastic resource of other invaluable teams
And if you go to any of the races, we can coordinate so that you are close to our teams, so that we could help you out during the race

If you are planning on working on your car, need some help, advice, etc., I'd be happy to waste a Saturday as an excuse to drink beer...
Although I probably would not need a seat at a race with you, since hopefully I will have the Prelude ready
I might have some connections to people who would be interested in doing Arrive and Drive with you though

anyways, if you are still planning on going forward with this dumb ides, let me know, and I'll help you along this path toward inevitable failure...!  (or success...just depends on your definition or goal...)
Mike Z

MarioKart Driving School: 1987 Honda Prelude Si (Opus #28) 
Loudon, NH 2014 - Millville, NJ, Lightening 2019 (RIP)
New and improved: 1987 Honda Prelude Si (Opus #11) Pittsburgh, PA 2021 - ??
and finally won something, Class C Win: Loudon, NH 2022

Re: Cape Cod- Southeast Ma

Thanks for the encouragement Mike Z... I thought finding local team mates and help would be easy.... back when I ran Circle Track Modifieds
it was easy to assemble a willing and fun team. Lemons so far seems to be a lot of guys who want to arrive and drive...

I guess I can adapt to that philosophy but will keep my search going for hands on team mates.

Thanks for your response

Mike B