Topic: Experienced HPDE driver new to Lemons, looking for seat at Barber

Hello Lemons Racers,
I am an experienced HPDE driver, but new to Lemons, looking for a Team with an Open Seat at the Lemons Race at Barber Feb 5-7.
I have crewed one time at the Lemons Race at MSR Houston this past November, so I know how the Lemons weekend runs.
I can also help out with the car, pit stops, fueling, and assist in the garage/repairs.
I would be available for Test Day Friday, and both race days Sat and Sun.
I have 2 years of HPDE Track Day experience at ECR, MSRC and COTA (20 different track days thru SCCA and NASA) and I am ready to get into Lemons racing.

Please contact me if you know of a Team with an extra seat available.
Dallas, Texas