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Topic: FREE Saab 99 1972

FREE Saab 99
no engine/trans, but otherwise ready to race!
these have a history of Domination!

i need it gone in the next 2 weeks
or it goes to the shredder at LKQ

the car is in  DC.

photos here-->

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ … sp=sharing

thanks !

contact me ...my email address is
   info  at  bardo dot beer

Re: FREE Saab 99 1972

will somebody take this and save it from the crusher??
its got about 7 days of life left...

Re: FREE Saab 99 1972

please? give this a new home...

Re: FREE Saab 99 1972


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Re: FREE Saab 99 1972

gone to the scrapper