Topic: WTB: Caged Volvo 240 (driver, roller, shell, whatever)

Are there any caged Volvo 240s that might be available to purchase?  Running or non (prefer non), suspension, brakes, etc don't really matter (although, rolling would be handy).  I have the '77 242 that rolled at the CMP 24 hour in 2020, and it is high time for this Phoenix to rise from the ashes.  The plan is to swap a very ill-advised drivetrain into a donor car, cage it, and then swap the suspension, brakes, fuel cell, seat, etc from the wrecked/rolled 242 into the 24x.  I have a donor shell available, but, figured I'd see if there are any pre-caged cars ready to go - it seems like there were tons of race 240s at one time, but I don't see them pop up too often anymore.  If you can think of someone who might have one they want to get rid of, let me know!

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