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Topic: Sold

I got this car planning to Lemons it.  I started gutting it because the heater core popped.  Turned out that was because of the head gasket, exhaust boils the coolant.  You can drive it, but I wouldn't for more than a few seconds to move it.

What I know it needs to drive:
-Seat installed or OEM seat reinstalled
-Steering wheel bolted back on
-Ground wires from the rear grounded to chassis
-Surely a battery charge by now

I removed the AC, stripped out the interior of everything but the dash wiring and the foam stuff behind it.  Maybe some floor sound deadening, I forget.  Everything that appeared to be of value was removed without destroying it and comes with the vehicle.

I decided the head gasket was too much of a project for me.  I decided it better to put my time into a car I love than a meme for Lemons.

What I can remember:
-Head gasket dead
-Coolant overflow tank was ruined, replaced with an aluminum unit that cost too much
-Some coolant lines were replaced
-AC compressor removed along with all the OEM cross threaded bolts (gERmAn EnGiNeErInG)
-All HVAC removed
-Interior stripped
-Uberroller removed
-Roof removed
-Windows removed
-Shifter didn't work, cheapo short shifter installed (you're welcome, this suuuuuucked to replace)
-Shocks are either soft as hell or dead at all four corners
-Car has just over 100k miles on it
-Lights and signals work
-Has enough dents to pass inspection
-If they call BS on the $500, llama spit on them, there's a pile of parts the size of the car removed from the car
-roof didn't work, window motors didn't work, seat motors didn't work, passenger seat folding mechanism didn't work, seat rails had several different and wrong size bolts, aftermarket radio didn't work, car is german, engine is the size and weight of a house but 2.5 liters of displacement and 100 something horsepower, emissions exempt registration, I worked on it
-Garage kept
-I am a 2,000 year old woman that only drove it to church

I have a lot of pictures and some videos of the work I did.  The car has a decent story because of it.

The previous owner cut the coolant overflow hose, cut the nipple off the overflow tank that the hose connected to, and put a screw in the hole that left.  Then they tied the overflow tank to the chassis with some coil springs.  No idea.

Aftermarket bits:
-New logo pieces
-Shifter with spare retainers (I seen some shit in Lemons...)
-One of those cowl-to-cowl stabilizer bars.  This is the only "performance" part
-Mishimoto coolant overflow tank

I want it out of my garage.  It's red, so you will win every race.

Comes complete with original BMW Owners' Cassette and manual.

Re: Sold

Price dropped.

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Re: Sold

Sold to a junkyard for significantly more than I was asking here.

Later, Lemons.