Topic: eBay FOTW: 1978 Lancia Beta Coupe - $107 bid - Tucson, AZ

It'll be on the Social Medias soon, but this is the eBay Find of the Week. It's currently at $107, but no doubt the seller thinks it's a rare Italian supercar like some kind of font-engined Ferrari GT that is worth thousands of dollars (ITALIAN EXOTIC). If you're on this Forum,  you know a non-running Lancia is worth about $107. Whatever it goes for, total budgetary waiver on this thing with the stock Fiat-Lancia twin-cam engine.

Or if the interior's shape is too good (?), it'll get all the Lemons Rally points.

Many pics and a bad video in the auction listing. NOT MY CAR. See it here: … SwvCJiCiGA

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Re: eBay FOTW: 1978 Lancia Beta Coupe - $107 bid - Tucson, AZ

Pretty sure I kicked tires on this one back around 1995 on a used car lot in Tucson. Moved on to the brown $3995 928S, and then hemmed and hawed over the similarly priced 1983 Audi Quattro. Cars used to be a lot quirkier. Shift linkage issues? It’s a Beta. They all feel like the linkage is broken.

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