Topic: Seat available / Sonoma Mar 12 & 13 2022

Cone Motorsports is now in its second season, with 10 Raes on the schedule this yr. (Lemons and LDRL......Sonoma, PIR, TRP, ORP, WSIR, BW)

We have 3 caged Miatas, and raced 2 last season. Basically Spec Miatas or close.

Seats are "first come, first served" to qualified drivers, and our existing driver roster has had first crack (WSIR is full). It can de "arrive and drive," but some assistance is preferred.

Cost is approx $1200 / race, assuming 4 drivers.....slightly higher if 3. Drivers agree to split evenly the cost of repairs should the car suffer damage due to contact. Drivers commit to trying hard to avoid contact, and owner has been very reasonable keeping any necessary repair costs to a minimum.

Contact me, the Volunteer Team Capt, for additional info (

Wm. Phillips
Team Capt.
Cone Motorsports

Re: Seat available / Sonoma Mar 12 & 13 2022

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