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i recently bought a racing suit online, 1 piece 3 layer zamp suit. the upper body fits good but the lower is pretty baggy. is this going to be a problem? do i need to have it tailored? or just send it back and do a different brand? i have a hard time with pants anyways because i have a little belly and my legs are slightly shorter. just looking for a little insight as to whether baggy is ok or not, baggy as in i can almost walk on the bottom part of the pants.

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Not usre your specific concern (tech, safety, comfort, ?) but as long as it covers all the areas not covered by you gloves, socks and shoes and you can still get out of the car it should be fine.

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tech is my main concern. the pants are longer than they should be for my height. makes them baggy when i pull them up to the right height. but if its not a safety or tech concern i'm ok with it then. just want to check so i don't have anything to worry about.

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When I was racing for money, I was given a few suits from sponsors. They wanted them tailored. Drove me crazy. They were always too tight. I still use a (slightly) baggy suit I first bought in 1990. Comfy, like pajamas.

Plus, baggy worked for Jaques Villeneuve...

I remember seeing JV getting belted into his car prior to an IndyCar race at Road America. There were folds upon folds of racing suit in the way if his belting in.

The only thing I would be concerned about is getting to the latch amidst all those folds of Nomex. If you can do that, I think you're fine.


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I bought nomex thread and had mine altered.

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