Topic: Newcomer to Lemons looking:for a ride, to wrench,anything really

Im just an average joe from Indiana who has been building, working on and racing asphalt latemodels,streetstocks,and fwd compacts for past 6 years and looking for a challenge to broaden my knowledge and skill sets. I have all racing gear required aswell as mic and radio hookups for my helmet if need be. I have a good general knowledge of mechanics and trouble shooting(outside of some computer and sensor issues). I have my schedule open for: RustBeltGP, DoingTimeinJoliet,TonySwanMemorial,HalloweenHooptiefest, and scrotium500.If any teams are willing to give me a chance to come help out i promise i'll give my best all i can give

Re: Newcomer to Lemons looking:for a ride, to wrench,anything really

We are Bad Decisions Racing and will likely be running two IoE-grade cars at Gingerman in June which could open up a seat (waiting until April 15 for all team members to chime in).  Both will be newbie-friendly (for the volume of traffic at any given race, everyone is newbie until they have done one Lemons race) vehicles but one is not for the full figured/luxury mammal. 

To be clear, both are Class-C cars.  One is proven veteran with over a dozen races and the other is a new build.  We will likely being having a build day at my place in NWI on the Dustbuster first or second week in April if you are interested in meeting any of the gang.  Next build on the super-secret project is likely 3/26 in the Crete/Monee area.

We have introduced many new drivers to the drug that is Lemons racing.  We promise to be gentle.