Topic: 2003 Nissan Maxima - $500! @ Napa Valley, Lemons Candidate!!

Nissan Maxima SE 3.5V6, auto transmission, 17” OEM wheels, car is all stock, 140k miles with expensive timing chain service done, drives but needs both cats replaced making it a perfect Lemons candidate as we don’t need no stinking catalytic conversion! Tires are weather checked aka cracked sidewalls from sitting parked but hold air adequately. No major accidents, clean DMV title, body is probably too clean for Lemons and plenty of residual value in interior and other bits that can be sold. Car was loved our owner has put a lot of $ into in and the cats replacement conflicts with the value of the car at this point, This fine candidate is located in Yountville, North of Napa CA and I will assist* in the purchase and pick up of the car, may need to be towed as battery is questionable about coming back to life. Some Service records may be available. Car available for purchase on Feb 11.

*Disclosure: The car is not mine but a friend who I had told about Lemons being a great use for unwanted or needy cars, and so I am doing this so that some Lemony enthusiast or Team can snag this FWD JDM as the basis for their wild and wonderful creative vision of on track domination or at the minimum great art, of course all in the eye of the beholder!

Car is registered and could be a drive and race machine for those economically efficient!

Ps. It would be in my shop now if 1) I had the space, 2) two other race cars needing TLC were not top of the ToDo List and 3) already having a FWD 4 door Lemons entry for Sears Pointless!

Thanks for reading my bleeding!

Ps. I can send photos of car to those that are interested.

Re: 2003 Nissan Maxima - $500! @ Napa Valley, Lemons Candidate!!

Hey, do you still have this car?

Re: 2003 Nissan Maxima - $500! @ Napa Valley, Lemons Candidate!!

Hi, Yes it’s still available as have been busy working on other projects and getting ready for Thunderhill in May. Cole on out and get it!

Re: 2003 Nissan Maxima - $500! @ Napa Valley, Lemons Candidate!!

For photos and a quicker response, please email me at :
wirh a subject Lemons Racecar For Sale.

Thanks and may all your racing be rubber-side down!