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First timer here. Trying to get ready for May 28th. I bought a PT Cruiser and found Lemons ready cages online. Wonder if it’s better to buy one of these and get it welded or just pay someone to build a cage. Located in Los Angeles if anyone has a recommendation.

Re: Prebuilt or Custom cage for PT Cruiser - Los Angeles

Not all "Lemons-ready" cages are equal, so if you search the forums by the company's name you may find some general advice about whose products tend to be okay and whose are often problematic. I've never purchased from any of them, so my only direct experience is with a custom fabricator near Seattle with whom I am happy.

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Re: Prebuilt or Custom cage for PT Cruiser - Los Angeles

Not all cages advertised as 'Lemons-ready' actually are.  I also can't imagine there is a huge demand for PT Cruiser cages, so anything you order online will be a generic cage that will not fit well and may not pass tech.  The only pre-built place I hear recommended is Roll Cage Components, but you will still need someone who knows how to build cages do all the notching, fitting, welding, etc.

I would wait for local recommendations for a cage builder.  What part of LA are you in?

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Re: Prebuilt or Custom cage for PT Cruiser - Los Angeles

I’m in the valley in LA but I’d gladly drive wherever within the area for someone good.

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Re: Prebuilt or Custom cage for PT Cruiser - Los Angeles

A buddy of mine just had his miata caged at pit garage. I believe they were among one of the cheaper quotes and I saw it and it looked pretty good. I'm not sure if they do PT cruisers, but I'd be surprised if they don't... make sure you know the rule book and "how not to fail tech" inside and out; it'd be very helpful to work with the cage builder if you know the rules. If you get a cage kit, make sure you get a good welder... the first time I was with found the cheapest welder in town to weld their cage kit and it required a bunch of rework. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, we're in Ventura county and I always like to know other teams out here... seems like there's way more teams in NorCal than SoCal.

PS: if you have just started your build and are leaving yourself less than 2 months to do everything, you're cutting it really close. It's possible for a more experienced team, and certainly possible (but challenging) for a new team, but no need to force yourself into a tight situation where you need to rush your cage builder and overnight fire suppression fittings. There's more races later in the year that you may want to consider. I pushed my team really hard when first starting up and I made the mistake of burning them out, we all had fun, but I burned them out trying to cram too much in a short period of time when I should have just given us all more time.

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