Topic: Pitt racing--- pay by the hour!!!

I wanted to get 4 drivers, but ended up with 3, so I'd like to make up some lost revenue.

If you are already at the track as a driver with a wrist band, and want some extra seat time, let me know.
I have up to 2 hours available.  Email me for the hourly rate.  Drive for 1-2 hours, up to you
I have a 1987 Honda Prelude, slow B or fast C car, easy to drive, manual tranny.
If you pay ahead, I guarantee you will drive, and if the car breaks, I will refund your money.
Otherwise, we will be in paddock space #7, in the center section, and you can pay cash at the track or PayPal me the money.

Seems like there are other teams out there in a similar situation, so if anyone else wants to offer seat time on this Forum thread, go ahead, and post what you are offering!
I don't mind the competition!!!!-----let the people decide what they want!

Mike Z

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Re: Pitt racing--- pay by the hour!!!

I am interested in this since I will be coming from California for this race. It is always nice to ride in a couple of cars at flyaway races. Get the most out my travel expenses.