Topic: Gunbarrel Cobras looking for CO drivers in June

Due to some sudden work things coming up, we're looking for a couple of drivers for the June Colorado race.  We've decided to run two cars, so more hands on deck would help out.

Hold up there, partner.  We're not running just any old Lemon.  No no, we like to go about things the fun and dumb way.  We'd be running:

1983 Toyota Starlet w/ Suzuki V6 swap.  Class C car.  This car has had a less than stellar track record.  Maybe THIS time... 
1994 Volvo 940 wagon w/ 1UZ swap (with five barrels of carbs!).  This car has done well-ish in class C, but some unfortunate break-downs dashed our hopes. 
Both cars are a riot to drive, but aren't exactly e30 or Miata speed and un-breakdown-able.  Just so you know what you'd be getting into.  It would be neat if you're not an asshole that just wants to win.  We like to epitomize the Class C Vibes. 

We'll have a car port for the race, and appropriate tools, food, and beer.  Want to supplement those things?  Swell!  If you can wrench AND drive, all the better, but not required.

Re: Gunbarrel Cobras looking for CO drivers in June

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