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After recently completing my 500th episode (lap) of The Racin' Mason Dixon Show, I'm currently filming and developing a new video series called, "Racin' With Mason" where I either drive, ride or wrench on different racing contraptions. I'd love to include a Lemons Race Weekend in the series and seeing that I have a house in South Haven, right down the road from Gingerman, the June weekend could work out great for both of us... We can accommodate a few people in the house and have a big yard for camping and we're just a few doors down from Lake Michigan! I would love to be a driver (I only have oval track Enduro experience and some go-kart road course experience) but I'm a former certified auto mechanic and could be a great asset in the pits. I would be filming my experience at the track but will definitely be interviewing my teammates and featuring your car and the team's experience in the video.

If you're interested I'm at and 773-412-7780

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Re: Gingerman: Be featured in my new video series AND have a place to stay

We do not directly need your space, though an arrive and drive from California might take you up on it, but Bad Decisions Racing bringing two vehicles to the race.  We have our "iconic" Dustbuster minivan, veteran of 14 races at this point and often described as "Faster than it has any right to be" but still slow unless it is monsoon race.  This race we are also debuting a special creation designed to inflame the internet and get an E46 into class C with 0 penalty laps.

We do not not technically have any seats open but the special car was partially crowd-sourced almost 4 years ago so I am covering two drivers on a 45 minute stint...a third is no issue.  You just have to get your drivers band (PM me if you do not get any other offers worth considering and we can discuss).  Either way, filming and making us internet famous for like 8 minutes is not a concern to the team, just be aware, we are 100% about the racing (insert sarcasm font here).  We have a total newbie driver, a total newbie crew chief coming down from the most French of all Canada and we generally do not take ourselves very seriously.

Regardless, if you have not been to a Lemons race, come.  The environment is second to none and the racing is just the cherry on top.  IF I have my way (and I often do) the potluck where you can meet 85% of the teams and hear 15% of the lies told all weekend will be Friday night starting about 6 PM.

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Thanks OnkelUdo,
I'll keep looking and I'll  stay in touch. I might be doing a Night Of Destruction stock car race in Kalamazoo that weekend unless some sweet Lemons offer opens up. I wonder which one is more fun...

-Racin' Mason Dixon