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Continental has also jumped into the 200TW game with their ExtremeContact it's in some limited sizes and looks directly like it's marketed for us yahoo racers in Lemons and so forth. Has anyone tried these?

Unfortunately I haven't personally run it but know people who have and have read quite a few tests on it... so everything I'm saying is regurgitated.

The ECF compound was a jab to dethrone the RS4 as the go-to enduro tire. Two main complaints with RS4's is warmup time/heat range and wet performance. The ECF attempted to make an RS4-competitor without these issues, and initial testing seems promising that they were successful.   Makes sense because the ECS they make is known to be excellent in the cold and wet. Another issue with RS4's is they seem to turn into rocks around the time you hit wear bars... pace and drivability plummet and they seem to completely stop wearing. Too early to tell if ECF's have this issue. With that said, the ECF price tag is eye-wattering for budget enduro and since we almost never see rain or cold out here, I'll be sticking with RS4's. For someone who sees rain and cold, I've heard they're great.

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Re: Road Mangler Experiences

i hadnt heard about the ECF until today.   $390 a tire for 295/30/18 is a tough pill to swallow especially since i can get 295/40/18 rs4 for $150 less and some contingency in other series.

I guess the warmup time is dependent on how heavy the car is, ours definitely doesnt have issues with warming up the tire.   Wet weather performance does suck, and its really bad if its cold and wet.    We also heat cycle them out well before wearing the tire out, its probably due to the amount of heat we get in them.   I tried 4 races and it was a noticeable dropoff in grip.   3 races is probably our limit.