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Topic: Atlanta area team help a non-mechanic? Or know a shop?

I posted in the matchmaking section to see if I can find a mechanic/driver who can help me in exchange for seat time.  Figured I'll post here in case I don't find a driver.

Summary is that I've been with 3 Pedal Mafia for 11 seasons.  We are based in PA/NJ, I'm in Atlanta, so I'm an arrive and drive.  My 18 year old son and my wife are very eager to try Lemons.  Figured I'd get a car here and run RA or Barber for them.  Found a recently run Lemons/Lucky Dog AW11 MR2 for the perfect price.  The catch?  Engine has a cracked crank.  The bigger catch?  My nickname on 3PM is "The Dishwashing Fairy"...for a reason.  I can do oil and brakes, not a ton else.  Also only have basic tools. 

Anyone in Atlanta area have...uh...free time and want to help with an engine swap or crank replacement?  I'll pay for parts and labor of course.  Or, do you know a shop who could help?  I've got a local shop I trust.  They could do it, but are swamped and not sure they want to work on a race car while customers need their street cars fixed.

If this doesn't pan out, I'll move the car along to a team more equipped than I, and try to find my wife and son seats somewhere.  Figured it's worth a shot.


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Re: Atlanta area team help a non-mechanic? Or know a shop?

I'm sure you'll find someone! I'd gladly trade seat time for mechanic time, if I was local.

FWIW, you may be in for more than a crank replacement if that crankshaft is cracked through like it looks in the picture. Assuming the engine was running for even a split second after this happened that is some serious cantilever loading that the mains and rods would see. Hopefully the bearings were sacrificial and took all the damage, but it would definitely be in your interest to have it inspected by a machine shop. The bottom end could be trash.

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