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Topic: 2004 Hyundai Elantra - Lemons kit - East Lansing, MI - 3k obo

2004 Hyundai Elantra GT Hatchback 215,248 miles Automatic

Right off the bat, this is the top trim level of the Elantra, making it easily passable as a Korean Luxury car, and you know what that means...
Immediate Class C exception. There are some good posts in here about teams running Elantras

Runs and drives very well. Clean title, tags are expired, Ohio plates. Started right up after sitting for a year. I have a video of it starting and running, and it driving today if you want.

COMPLETELY GUTTED - Was initially planned to enter 24 Hours of Lemons. I have everything a team would need to enter... just no teammates

VERY RUSTY - Our race entry fell through, so I decided to use the car for SCCA rallycross, but ran into rust problems. Rotten frame rail driver side (pictured), I was never able to go to an event in it. The car spent it's whole life in Ohio til I bought it.
Engine and transmission are strong, newish battery, new alternator, new belts. Four-wheel disc brakes.
I have the full interior, none of which is still in the car. I kept and labelled all hardware. No exhaust past the first catalytic converter. Airbags control module was removed, curtain airbags are still in the seats, passenger airbag is still in the dash. No parking brake. Equipped with stock oil cooler, transmission fluid cooler. I think it's a Limited Slip Front Differential, but I'm not sure.
I am pretty sure the car was in some kind of fender bender at least, as the styrofoam in the front fascia looks sparkly new compared to everything else in the car.
The stock Elantra radiator for this generation made this car a from-factory lemon, but throw in any old Mishimoto, and you'll quickly forget that cars even need maintenance, these things are absolute tanks. (source - my parents drove a 2004 5speed Elantra base model off the truck in 2004, it has only stranded them twice, once at 30k miles when the radiator blew, and once at 50k miles when you guessed it, the replacement radiator blew. Their mechanic then recommended an aftermarket radiator, and the car is now sitting at 230k miles with no further issues)

*UPDATE* discovered a trans fluid leak this morning, it seems to be coming from the trans radiator inlet flange, which I broke fixing the headers, and thought I successfully re-attatched, but the puddle of crimson juice begs to differ.

**UPDATE#2** Traced the leak to a power steering line, red juice was not trans fluid but power steering

The cage is custom cut for this car by Roll Cage Components (RCC LLC) for Lemons. Tubing Size: 1.75 x 120 DOM. Halo-style six point cage with rear mainstays and door bars. Solid Main hoop. Mount reinforcement plates and gussets included. I have pictures of the main hoop and halo, everything else is still in original packaging. ($1600)

R1 Concepts Ceramic brake pads and e-Line drilled and slotted rotors. ($300)

I also have:
Corbeau FX1 Pro Medium Racing seat w/ custom mount made for this car New in box ($430 seat + $140 mounts) - $500
Racequip 5-pt Racing Harness New in box SFI 23.1 exp. June '23 ($100) - $60
OMP Sport AFFF Fire Suppression System, 4.25L Mechanical. New in box. ($400) - $380
CoolShirt Sytems Club-19 Driver coolshirt kit. Cooler, pump, two shirts, two hoses, New in box ($830) - $750
Battery isolator switch New in box ($50) - $30

I will sell the whole thing as a kit for 2.5k OBO. I could be persuaded to sell some of the new equipment separately, but the car, cage, brakes, and seat mount are all specific to the car, and I won't break them up. Think of it as a cage for sale that comes with a free car that fits it. $1500 obo for just that.

It's like getting 24 Hours of Lemons entry from IKEA, some assembly required. Interior pieces are in good condition, AC works, all power windows work, defrosters work, radio and sound system works, could be resold to recoup costs and stay within the $500 dollar limit. if you are going this route, lmk, the car will be "$200."

Would make a good rallycross project as well, I would find another Elantra with a better frame and use this one as a donor/parts car. These engines are super reliable, and I've heard they stand up to boost rather well. Parts are easy to find, as Hyundai parts are mostly interchangeable between years and models for this generation. Was going this route, but now moving to Cali and don't want to afford to take it all with me.

Message me for questions/more pictures. I know this car inside and out. Thank you

Currently listed on marketplace, but I haven't posted enough to attach that link. Ask some questions so I can answer them and up my post count please smile

Re: 2004 Hyundai Elantra - Lemons kit - East Lansing, MI - 3k obo

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Re: 2004 Hyundai Elantra - Lemons kit - East Lansing, MI - 3k obo

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Re: 2004 Hyundai Elantra - Lemons kit - East Lansing, MI - 3k obo

Update 7/17

Still available, price dropped to 2500 or best offer by Tuesday for sure
Tuesday 7/19 is probably the last day this will be available, make an offer! I'm very motivated to get this out of my driveway before I move, I will take what you'll give me

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ … sp=sharing