Topic: Fire systems….Lifeline Zero 2020 Electric?

I am considering the Lifeline Zero 2020 Electric fire suppression system ( … ric-system) for our latest build. I have already emailed Pagel. Curious if others have experience with this or any other automatically/electrically activated system?

I can see pluses and minuses. The big minus is if the battery-operated, electrical part of this particular system fails there is no analog back-up. The two manual activation switches are also electric. The big plus is if the car is on fire and the driver is somehow unable to actuate the system, there is a thermo switch that activates it at about 350 degrees.

Putting my wife in this car, and she has a clearly stated aversion to being on fire. So, I want to think this through. I’ve seen some videos of car fires where a driver would have been much better off were an automatic system on board.

Any thoughts?