Topic: Wear your gear to tech?

In the event notes for the Joliet race this weekend, it says you should wear your gear to tech: … dium=email

I did a few races in 2018, and that wasn't a requirement then. Is that actually a requirement now? I was planning to take gear for my whole team through tech, since they're all working Friday (slackers).

Re: Wear your gear to tech?

Yes, wear your gear to tech. Each driver should be dressed separately.

If you share a HANS, you'll need to pass it between team members as you run through the tech check.

Its important to wear your gear so that the crew can check and make sure your gear fits properly and doesn't have any tears.

Stickers/Certifications are just a smaller part of the overall safety.

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Re: Wear your gear to tech?

jdito wrote:

I was planning to take gear for my whole team through tech, since they're all working Friday (slackers).

If you explain your situation, I would imagine they would also allow you to tech your team mates gear as well.

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Re: Wear your gear to tech?

Mostly you need to wear your suit so that they can more easily look for tears and damage. They'll have you turn around so they can easily look it over. You can carry everything else to make it easier to show the tags.

This change happened with the pandemic to make checking gear easier, and stuck around because none of the gear tech people want to touch your sweaty gross gear, and too many people were just plopping down a duffel bag and expecting the gear tech people to poke through it.

If you talk to gear tech they'll probably be willing to work with you. The other option is sending them to tech their gear Saturday morning. Usually they open up tech again for slackers before the race starts. I've sent late arrivals through in the morning a few times.

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