Topic: Team in need of a car

Our very competitive cars BMW 3 series 86-87 ish are gone or very broken. We have 2-5 drivers depending on location, money (or lack thereof) domestic situation (or lack thereof), work, time of the month etc. Included in the mix are people with a 1st at Sonoma and a recent 1st at Buttonwillow Saturday. Decent to really good drivers. Very few black flags. Professional level mechanics, some. People with a little money to make up for their lack of mechanical aptitude. Fun, serious when needed group who want to race, but are currently without wheels. Some can travel anywhere there is a race.
If you have a competitive car, tow vehicle and a sense of humor let us know about it. Post response or e mail

Re: Team in need of a car

I just picked up a Ford Probe/Mazda 626 that I'm entering in Buttonwillow. So I can use 2 or 3 drivers willing to split the cost $550 each. The only thing I'm replacing is the rollbar padding, it now has pipe insulation and I'll weld in some gussets time permitting 

Meet the car.
Mazda KL-ZE JDM engine (200hp instead of 165hp USDM). Confirmed it has the proper stamping on cams and heads. Currently has USDM intake manifold (slightly less hp than the JDM intake but makes more torque). Good compression (195-200psi on all 6 cylinders IIRC)
Fidanza lightweight flywheel
Unorthodox lightweight crank pulley
3-1 headers (sounds amazing)
Coilovers and camber plates front and rear
Mazdaspeed6 front brakes
Included: generous spares package (~12 totes full of spare parts plus factory service manual, fenders; hood; control arms; knuckles/hubs; steering racks; belts, brakes; 10 total wheels: 4x Motegi TrakLite wheels with 215/40-17 Falken Azenis and 6x Ford Mustang wheels with 245/45-17 Falken Azenis), etc.
For spares, I have a couple of new axles, brake pads front and rear,fuel pumps, PCM's and rear hubs that aren't new but look okay a radiator. Belts and hoses you know stuff. Let me know if this seems like a fit.
Steve Secor