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Topic: California Driver here

Hello fellow crazies

I’m a motivated, straight shooting, energetic and experienced driver with a serious itch and love for the track. Really eyeing the March 2022 at Sonoma….

I’m 39 years old and live in Northern California’s El Dorado County, recently moved from San Jose where I was born and raised.

I’ve driven WeatherTech, Sonoma, Thunderhill, Buttonwillow (most experience in that order).

I’d be able to assist with some team expenditures and the wife can bake!

Message me and let’s talk!

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KBaldasano wrote:

Really eyeing the March 2022 at Laguna….

I have not seen Lemons race Laguna.  CA races are Sonoma, Thunderhill and Buttonwillow.  Willow Springs was on the schedule last year, but it was COVID cancelled.

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Thanks RB!

My fingers corkscrewed that!

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I am ooking for a driver for some seat time Sonoma. Give me a call 559 907-5186

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ReStart Racing has two open driver spots for the May 2022, Thunderhill race. Our 91 Ford Ranger is a proven class "C" competitor with consistent top 10 in class finishes with three seconds and IOE winner as well. "Larry" is great fun to drive with power steering and great torque.
$700 for the race and we will provide food Friday night through lunch Sunday.  We race to have FUN!
Call or text if interested. 530-966-2108
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If you're interested in driving at Buttonwillow I'm entering a car new to me that has raced in Lemons 2018 and has done a few track days since. I'm looking for two or three drivers that are willing to split the entry and some gas,.. $600 coconuts. Meet the car.

Mazda KL-ZE JDM engine (200hp instead of 165hp USDM). Confirmed it has the proper stamping on cams and heads.  Good compression (195-200psi on all 6 cylinders IIRC)
Fidanza lightweight flywheel
Unorthodox lightweight crank pulley
3-1 headers (sounds amazing)
Coilovers and camber plates front and rear
Mazdaspeed6 front brakes
Included: generous spares package (~12 totes full of spare parts plus factory service manual, fenders; hood; control arms; knuckles/hubs; steering racks; belts, brakes; 10 total wheels: 4x Motegi TrakLite wheels with 215/40-17 Falken Azenis and 6x Ford Mustang wheels with 245/45-17 Falken Azenis), etc.

Call if... 858-243-6944

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Holy cow that's an affordable seat!!

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