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I'm looking for a seat for the October Buttonwillow race.

Im a 45yo Brit/New Zealander with around a dozen Lemons/Chumpcar races under my belt. I've also been spec-racing with NASA for the past 18 months or so.

I'm more interested in driving with a 'for-fun' team but I can be competitive if needed (i'm close to the BW track record in my spec series). Happy to drive literally any car so long as its RWD. Plenty of experience driving some really crazy cars!

Im easy going and a team player. Happy to help wherever I can. Limited mechanical skills but can wrench when needed with instruction or more likely hold your transmission on my chest as you bolt it in tongue

Plenty of references available. Please PM me to discuss! smile


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Bump. I'm still looking for a seat smile

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How about a seat for the Sonoma race in December?

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Are you interested in a seat in the Lemons race at Thunderhill in February? My team is renting out a seat and is curious if you're interested.