Topic: Solo Dude Pursuing Driving Dream at Road Atlanta, GA

I like to go fast, am a team player, and NEVER QUIT.

Looking to get into racing and one day building a car - but looking for experience as a follower and team supporter to start! Road Atlanta in December would be the only realistic option for me for this year.

I'm a 30y/o Army dude with ground maintenance experience, positive attitude, and don't take myself too seriously - I have tools, a pick-up truck, and can assist with planning, logistics and funding for the team and currently reside in Savannah, GA.

Re: Solo Dude Pursuing Driving Dream at Road Atlanta, GA

Half-Fast Racing will be at Atlanta with 2 or 3 cars.  We're always happy to have additional crew, and crewing for a team is a great way to get a good feel for Lemons racing. We'll cover the crew fees for you if you sign up with us, and provide most food, snacks, and drinks for the weekend.

I'll send a PM with my phone number. Give me a call this weekend.  BTW, I'm retired Army.

Stan Murrell