Topic: Driver seeking team at GingerMan

Current location: Near Madison, WI

Driving experience: Four Lemons races (started last year), two at GingerMan. Cars range from the slow end of Class C to the pointy end of B. No black flags.

Party experience: This will be the third race I bring a cocktail bar to, and I'll bring some homebrew as well if I have enough left.

Wrenching experience: Not a professional mechanic but I consider myself a fairly skilled amateur. I'm building my own car (Mazda MX-3) and it was pretty much a basket case when I got it with rust and mechanical issues; now all it needs is a cage, fire system, tow hooks, and master switch to be race-ready. I'm a decent TIG welder, but please don't ask me to bring the welder and certainly don't count on me for cage repairs.

- Currently hold the Lemons minitruck diversity record (raced an S-10, Ranger, and Dakota, and certainly wouldn't mind adding another)
- Roman Catholic (I will be leaving Sunday morning for 90ish minutes to attend Mass).
- Amateur musician (French hornist/singer).
- Profession: Former software developer, future airplane pilot/UH-60 mechanic
- Lots of simracing experience