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Topic: Cars for Sale or Rent

1992 Acura Integra in San Diego. The car was sitting in a field just crying to be in the 24 Hours of Lemons. I made a deal and scrounged a trailer and brought this little honey home. I replaced the distributor, PCM, and fuel pump it started and ran great.  So I stripped the interior, replaced the plugs, timing belt, water pump, tensioner, air filter, fuel filter, belts, oil and filter (Mobile 1) adjusted the valves. And got a set of 15” wheels. It runs great. But I wanted to do Buttonwillow and couldn't get a cage built in time, so I bought a car ready to go. Now the Acura has to go! So after a couple of hundred hours and $1000 invested, I'm selling the Acura for the low, real low price of $500 coconuts. Best to contact me via email.

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Is delivery available?

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Yes, something can be worked out for a SoCal delivery.

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Interested. PM sent. thank you!