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Topic: Thunderturd for Sale

Do you want an awesome and fun V8, turn key, trophy-winning, Lemons tech-ready, mid-pack competitive piece of automotive history, with a ton of spare parts, for only $5,500.00? Look no further!

The infamous 1994 Fort Thunderbird LX converted to the venerable Ford OHV v8 “Thunderturd” is for sale. This car was around 2900 lbs after we stripped it to the bone and before full race 1.75” DOM cage went in, courtesy of John P. of Evil Genius Racing. The cage itself is valued at over $3,000.00.

Here are the details:

65,085 showing on the odometer on the current gauge cluster, which was swapped over along with the 4.6L modular V8, wiring harness, rear disc brakes, rear differential, and other parts needed for a successful swap. The donor car was a 1997 Thunderbird V8 purchased for $2,000.00.
85,XXX on the chassis based on prior odometer from the original 1994 Thunderbird 3.8L Essex (non-supercharged) V6, which was purchased for $500.00.
Lemons tech-ready with Sparco race seat, fire suppression system, Coolshirt system, kill switch, fan switch, and a full 1.75” DOM tubing roll cage, powder-coated blue. If you can think of something needed to be done to get this tech-ready, it’s been done. Other than the cage, we’re talking about over $2,000 in parts to get the car tech-ready. 

Here are the major upgrades and components:

Passive and active cooling upgrades.
Ducktail spoiler.
4-speed Ford AOD from the V8 donor car was modified with a shift kit.
Upgraded wires and ignition.
New battery.
Velocity stack intake system.
Flowmaster exhaust.
ECU tune.
New OEM-replacement struts and sport springs.
Replacement of almost all front suspension components including tie rod ends, etc.
Oil and trans fluid change to synthetic.
Replacement front brake rotors with Hawk racing pads and upgraded fluid. Stainless steel lines for the front.
Stainless steel steering spline/hardware upgrade
Current wheels are Focus ST 18” OEM wheels with Kumho 200 treadwear tires, brand new.

Here are the spare parts that come with the car

Coil-on plugs for modular V8
Spare axles
Spare EBC race pads (should be for rear)
Trans gasket kit
ARP head stud kit (for head gasket job in case is needed on the track)
Head gasket kit
Box with leftover parts from 1994 swap including 1994 Gauge cluster, wiper motor and wipers

I’ve spent thousands of dollars in spare parts and upgrades making this car as fun, reliable, and race-ready as it can be. All of the above is available to you, aspiring clapped-out car racer, for the low price of $5,500.00, as-is. This is an actual race car, and is not registered, not insurable, and not drivable on the street (obviously) and is being sold with a bill-of-sale only along with some paperwork from the original seller.

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Where is car located? Thanks

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Car is in the Bay Area, CA. Thanks for asking.

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Especially of the interior.

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I tried to post up a link to an Imgur directory. Let’s see if I can get it to work- https://imgur.com/a/TxOTybi

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Lowering the price to $5,000.00.

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I'm interested! Noob question. If the vehicle shouldn't be worth more than 500, why should I buy the Thunderturd for $5K? Wouldn't that automatically penalize any team racing on the Thunderturd?

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If the vehicle shouldn't be worth more than 500, why should I buy the Thunderturd for $5K? Wouldn't that automatically penalize any team racing on the Thunderturd?

All the safety equipment in the car (rollcage, seat, fire extinquisher, etc.) doesn't count towards the $500.
Strip out all the safety equipment, you might have a $500 car, but now you have to put $5-7000 back into it to make it race ready again.

A race ready car that passes tech is a bargain for $5000.

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The thunderturd is a perennial class B/0 designee. I don’t think the price in this forum is going to be held against you, but there are no guarantees with BS or in life. And thank you, dungeonracer.

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Is this car still available?