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We'll be at Road Atlanta in December.  Does anyone know if we'll be mixed in with other, non-lemons cars and have time slots or if it will be dedicated to Lemons and an open track day with no time slots?  Last year was open, if I recall correctly, but Carolina Motorsports Park was time slotted earlier this year because we were mixed in with another racing organization and they didn't want our shitty ass cars smoking their brand new Mercs.  We're participating either way, just curious.  Thanks!

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If I read the e-mail sent out today correctly . 

Lemons only.

text from e-mail below...

"Hey, Road Atlanta Racers:
As with the past few years, Road Atlanta has declined to host a Friday test day on the race weekend--so we've again arranged for a Lemons-hosted test day. The test day is optional, but we highly encourage participation since it helps us cover the costs (and facilitates Thursday/Friday paddock access for Lemons teams).
The cost to register is $375 per car if you preregister online, and $425 if you register on site. Testing will be an open session running from 10am to 5pm on Friday with an hour lunch break from 12-1. Testing is limited to registered Lemons cars with licensed Lemons drivers. No passengers are allowed.
To register online, go to your online entry page, click "Edit" in your Car Info section and click the toggle for "Optional Friday Testing." The cost will then be added to your team fees. PLEASE NOTE: To get the $375 price, you must click the toggle and submit payment online before the database closes on November 28. Also, if your team has an IOE or regional championship comp, you still need to select the testing toggle and submit the testing fee.
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As an aside, there are two other items to note for test day.
All drivers must have their Yellow Wristbands on and all drivers are to be in Full Race Gear to get out on track.

See you at Pit Out!