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I've been pulling my AFFF tanks out of the cars between races since our cars are kept outside, to protect them from extreme heat and cold.  Haven't worried about cold temps at races (Atlanta and Barber), I'm more concerned about long-term.  Have I been wasting my time & effort (ie: it this a good idea as opposed to a must-do)? I cannot find any reference for whether or not they need to be protected from freezing/summer temps.  Anyone have a reference?

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SPA Technique AFFF lists:

Min. STORAGE TEMP: 35°F (2°C)
Max. STORAGE TEMP: 120°F (49°C)
EFFECTS of FREEZE: None … al.pdf?214

So maybe?  I live in SoCal so I don't worry about the cold.  I also never drain the water in my car.

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Don't believe the affects of freeze "none".  The dip tub and base of the valve will not be fans of a hard freeze.  That said, I find it humorous they list 35f as elsewhere they list it as freeze-protected which in the AFFF world means 26f (its a DOT thing).

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Thanks to both.

I couldn't find the SPA data. The Birmingham area will get down to the mid 20s several times during the winter, so guess I'll keep pulling it between races.

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We pull ours after the last race of the year just to be safe. Just do yourself a favor and don't forget the bottle the first race of the year when you're a couple hours from home. Not that I have experience there or anything.....

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