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Experienced Lemons racer and multi-team captain looking to trade a seat in one of my cars for a seat at Thunderhill in February ‘23. I love driving any type of car in any class, as long as the car and team are reliable! Happy to trade for a seat in one of my cars at a South or Northeast race or just pay cash.

Here’s more than you ever could want to know about my racing history and what I bring as a teammate:
- 41 Lemons races so far (2013-2022)
- Multiple A, B, and C class wins and multiple IOEs
- Co-captain of The Coronas Mercedes in the South region
- Co-captain of the C-Team Racing Daytona in the Northeast region
- Co-captain of the second Mome Rath E36 in the Northeast region
- Arrive and Drives with 3 Pedal Mafia, RusEFI, Hammerheads, Flying Scotsmen, MBTL, Vermont BertOne, and Misfortune Cookie
- 5 Champcar races, 2 in LuckyDog, 1 in AER, 4 sprint races in NASA Spec E30 (had to get a NASA racing license for those), The 25 Hours of Thunderhill in a Spec Miata, and a day at the Nurburgring.
- Here’s a Youtube channel of all my boring race videos: … OED7jfLqab
- About 25 HDPEs
- I enjoy long stints. I get down to my comfortable 9/10ths pace after about 30 laps, and can hold it until my camelbak runs out of water. The longest stint I've done was 6.5 hours in cool weather, and I was ready for more.
- I'm not going to be the fastest guy on the team in terms of single lap time, but I'll have a pretty darn good average lap time at the end of my stint.
- I like driving in traffic, and can do so safely while keeping good lap times. I'm very used to the strange behavior of both new drivers and those seeing the red mist, and have learned how to avoid trouble.
- Endurance dirt bike racing is my other hobby. Just finished 7th out of 14 in class at the 2022 Baja 1000 on a KTM450.
- I’m 44 and don’t have kids, which means I have the time and money to go racing and understand the true costs and effort from running 2 teams.
- References: Ask Eric Rood about me as a driver and team captain. Ask Sean from Misfortune Cookie about me as an A&D. Ask Mike from the Coronas about me as a co-captain. Ask Chris and Chrissy from 3PM about me as a IOE themer.

As far as being a teammate goes I'm not an awesome lead mechanic, but I’m a good assistant. I can rebuild pretty much everything on a dirt bike, but cars are still new to me. Over the years at the track I've helped replace transmissions, whole engines, press wheel bearings, etc. So I have no lack of energy or enthusiasm for fixing, just not a huge amount of experience. I can do all the basic track-ready prep by myself like brake pads and rotors, fluids, tire pressure and torque, checking for play, etc, while you do more important things.

However I do think I have pretty good mechanical sympathy for the car on track. On many occasions I've taken a new-to-me car out on the test day and diagnosed issues the car owner didn't notice (wheel bearing about to go, rear trailing arm bushing loose, bad alignment, transmission pilot bearing wearing out, etc).

I also like the racecraft side of things, even if it is just Lemons. I've helped many teams structure their driver order and pit strategy to help them win a class they didn't think they had a chance at. Getting a C class win is my favorite thing. I can program a Baofeng with encryption without looking at the manual and I bring a spare radio harness in my bag at all times. I also bring a 360 camera, battery, and mount to make you look cool in stereo. I have an Apex Pro telemetry tool that we can use on the practice day to find time for slower drivers on the team. And I like to think I'm good as a pit crew member, usually the "fuel guy" since it's a great no-brainer job for an A&D.

Outside of racing, I'm a regular nerdy adventurous dude. I run my own software company here in NYC making interactive TV shows and just love dirt bikes and Lemons racing. It's real racing, but no one is going to win any real money or go to F1 so the fun level is high while the stress and drama level is low. I would be enormously appreciative of the chance to drive your car as I have been with all the others I've driven, and I will treat it like my own. In return, I’d like you to come run one of my cars if schedules line up. Otherwise, I have cash!

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We’re bringing a 2-car team to Thunderhill. I’ll keep you in mind as people sort out their schedules.

Which miles of the 1000 did you cover?  Congrats on the finish. Huge accomplishment.

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That, Sir, is an excellent resume. That's the way to make people want to trade stints or just have you race with them. Well done.

I typically only race the Southern tracks in ToadRacer (Sebring, Barber, NCM, CMP, RA), but I would certainly enjoy trading seat time with you at some point!

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Hello, we have a Miata that we have seats for rent at Thunderhill. we are bringing three cars to that race. If you are interested you can contact me at I love to hear that you have raced down in Baja. I've done some spec truck co-driving and one of our other miatas drivers has a 6100 truck.