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This Post will be moved to the correct category and will be posted by one of my teammates with more information, thank you for all the questions sorry for not having the answers in the post to begin with.

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Yeah, you posted this in the wrong place. There's a matchmaker forum. This section is for posting cars that are for sale.

You also have 2 posts here and didn't mention anything about your previous Lemons experiences or finishes.

For a Class A car and $2500 asking price, you might want to post your track record.

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What is on the menu, and what kind of drinks are included?

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One of the big motives for racing a miata is they're one of the cheapest cars to race... I'd be very curious as to how you arrived at a number that's over double what miata teams typically charge for a seat.

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I'm thinking it's a troll post. Cage, for another reason beyond the text of the post.


Entry fee:            $1775
4 x 15" RS4s:      $  670
Comestibles:   ___(?)___

And a defined, specific amount of time.

My guess is:

Hey, someone pay for my entry and a new set of tires, and help me with fueling..

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Its pretty simple to move a post to another section. For future reference you can flag the topic with the request and one of the MODs will take care of it.