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So, anyone have suggestions on pop-up canopies that don't totally suck? We had got a new 10x20 for Road Atlanta which promptly leaked and tore when we set it up for the first time. Luckily, I was able to return it but looking to grab another before NOLA. Figure I trust y'all here more than I trust Amazon reviews LoL

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Re: Canopy suggestions

Not had any long termluck with pop ups. Mostly good luck with erector set ones.  Four seasons (three-four races per season) on this one before I put a lean-to on the enclosed trailer. … 0-ft-25941

It CAN be put up by one person but goesa lot faster with two.  It is just now to the point on spot should be reinforced on one of the "bents".

Westill bring a 10 x 10 ezup clone for working on the car in an emergency.

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I've had an EZup brand pop-up for like 10 years that has taken my abuse really well. I think I might need to replace it soon, I've had a screw or two fall out and there are now some holes worn in it, but I treated it like crap. In this category it's best to spend the money on a good one.

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Re: Canopy suggestions

The Coleman 10x10 green and white popup canopies hold up well.  We've had ours for several years.

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ABC Canopies. The only canopy to succumb to gingerman's winds but not end up in the scrap pile.

Going on three years of use now without any further issues.

I have a spare 10x20 canopy top if you still have a good frame.

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I've only used the 10x10 ones.. my thought is if the 10x10 ones are unreliable... going bigger isn't going to help.

I've destroyed several of the cheapo ~$50 ones in months but I've had a genuine EZ-up brand one for years now and it's been great. Anchor down the legs to a spare wheel set and that'll help a bunch. There's also one we got from Costco (I think it was a coleman brand) that was fantastic and it held up for years as well and was really heavy duty. As others have said, spend the money here and don't leave it out in 30MPH winds and it'll hold up fine.

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Re: Canopy suggestions

Ive had mine for going on 8 years. Just 10X10's

I anchor to the fence on one side and tires/coolers opposite side.

I've also tied them to the back of my truck, works good as long as you tie the other side to something. The time I didn't tie them to something besides the truck, I got a new rear window (Champ watkins glen) Had to drive home with the rear window made out of black duct tape.

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