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Topic: Looking for a seat at Thunderhill, NOLA, or The Ridge

Hello fellow racers!  I'm looking for an opportunity to drive/prep/repair for any teams with an opening at Thunderhill, NOLA, or the Ridge.  I recently moved to NorCal from KC for work.  I spent the pandemic rebuilding a 2000 Corvette for HPDEs, but after my nephew alerted me to Lemons I wanted to give it a try and gain as much experience as possible before I start building my own car this spring.  I just completed my first race at Thunderhill, had a great time, and now I want more.  I have basic body, mechanical, and welding skills, but most of my tools are still in KC, which I will pick up along with my truck in March.  Most of my experience is with Vets, but I've also worked on Cavaliers, Eclipses, and Altimas.  Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.  Thank you for taking a look.

Re: Looking for a seat at Thunderhill, NOLA, or The Ridge

Half Fast Racing plans to race at NOLA with a Beetle and a Miata.  We're full up on drivers, but would love to have you join us as crew if you want the Lemons experience.  The team covers the crew fee for non-driving team members, plus all food and snacks at the track (and usually one dinner out if we're not madly wrenching Saturday night). PM me for contact info if you are interested.