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Topic: '05 Nissan Altima, Oklahoma City, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

If you're a first-time team looking to build a cheap racer, an Altima is the easy button. Go to Pull-A-Part and you'll find a dozen donor cars.

La Cucaracha is an '05 Nissan Altima with the 2.5 (QR25DE) and 4-speed automatic (not a CVT!). It's been wrecked five times that we know of, and it currently needs a head gasket, if not a head. It "ran when parked" a few years ago, but my son said he overheated it and afterwards it would only do 40 mph. I do know that because of one of the accidents the left front axle is a mix of 2005 and 2008 parts, but fits perfect and ran smooth (see Pull-A-Part above). The shifter button is broken off, but the corn dog stick works great and the transmission shifts fine.

You'll really want to strip out the interior first because of the severe funkiness of teenage ownership.

It's in my mother-in-law's driveway in Del City and my son's promises to fix it haven't materialized. I have the Fel-Pro head gasket kit right here next to my desk, and I'll even throw that in to sweeten the deal. YOU TOW IT AWAY. That's the only cost. I don't care if you build it, sacrifice it for parts, or use it for a viking funeral.

I'm not on the forum much any more, so if you're interested, hit me up at foxcleaning at yahoo dot com. I'm also on the Citrus Racer Lounge on Facebook. I'll try and post pics if I get over to her house.

EDIT: It is currently titled and black tagged, but you'll have to give us a day or two to get a replacement title because "I don't remember where I put it."

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Re: '05 Nissan Altima, Oklahoma City, NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Re: '05 Nissan Altima, Oklahoma City, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Real talk: Go on Marketplace right now and look up "Parts Car." You will not want for Nissan Altima parts. Cheap donors for DAYS.

Get that Big Altima Energy.

Eric Rood
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Re: '05 Nissan Altima, Oklahoma City, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

If you want this car and are in the southeast, I can drag it back this direction. I am headed to the OKC area on Thursday to spend a few days babysitting my granddaughter and can tow this back for drop off between OKC and Birmingham. You'd need to reimburse me for the tow dolly and any additional gas used hauling (Suburban gets 16 mpg normal, 11 mpg when hauling our car/trailer), plus maybe a bottle of decent bourbon as a loading/unloading fee..

I can't transport further east, but could store it for a week or two until you can come get it. Possibility of hauling it further east or south after March 2nd, but not guaranteed..

PM me if you make a deal with Erik and need transport east.

EDIT:   Would need to know by Sunday evening if you want me to pick it up.

Re: '05 Nissan Altima, Oklahoma City, NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Absolutely no takers, and it's your loss.

My wife told my son I had the car up for grabs and he quickly scheduled time to work on it this weekend. It turns out it had a spark plug loose. The coolant's still in good condition and it has strong compression. He did overheat it, but apparently not bad enough. It's still alive.