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Topic: SOLD 1997 Audi A4 FWD $SOLD Northern California

FWD. Front Wheel Drive!!
Purchased with about 220k miles
Engine: 1.8t New timing belt, drive belts, water pump, ignition coils. All fresh fluids

This car was recently built for and raced (and finished) in Lemons. passes tech as is. Was ran in class C, 0 penalty laps.
Two days of 8 hour races since build.
Hawk HP 660 racing brake fluid (fresh flushed)
Hawk HT-10 front pads
Hawk Blue rear pads
Resonated turbo-back exhaust
1 set Koenig 16x7.5 Runlite
1 set Koenig 16x7.5 Tandem
1 set OEM 16x6 wheels
8 used Yokohama A052 245/50/16
Custom brake cooling ducting
Intake manifold cooling duct
Turbo cooling duct
No thermostat
New front rotors (1 race) old spares included
Extra set rear rotors with greased bearings and races installed

Fresh built and race proven! Professionally built cage, adjustable sliding seat, fresh new belts. Fire suppression system is new.

In 16 hours of its first race, we never had to open the hood. This car is ready for hot days at the race track. All weekend the temps stayed below 180 coolant and 220 oil.

The only issue we developed was the exhaust gasket between turbo and test pipe failed. The H&R springs and shocks should be replaced. We didn’t have time to get the suspension done before the race.

This car performed well all weekend non stop. On Thunderhill 5 mile reverse we were able to get 4:08 lap. I still think there was a couple seconds more to shave as this was our first time running this configuration. 

Pretty much a turn key race car.

Reach out to discuss the many more details. Make me an offer!! Bill of sale only, no title

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Re: SOLD 1997 Audi A4 FWD $SOLD Northern California

for Pics...

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ … 1OalY2WefG